What a CAST internship can do for your career – meet Eric Scott and David Dominguez Martinez and please welcome our new “Crowe on Campus” interns!

Our Centralized Audit Services Team (“CAST”) launched our “Crowe on Campus” program last year at Andrews University and recently expanded it this year to include The Ohio State University.  Through this program, we are developing a new career path through our service delivery model that is unique in our profession.  The goal of this program is to introduce students to Crowe early, providing opportunities to learn and open doors for them in our profession.  This is a similar program to one we have in place with Indiana University South Bend (“IUSB”), where students work out of our South Bend Crowe office.  “Crowe on Campus” is a new innovative way for college students to remain on campus working together as a team utilizing the latest technologies, while still attending school.  Team members are led by experienced CAST supervisors.

Eric Scott, a senior staff in CAST, started out as a CAST intern from IUSB in January 2014.  “My CAST internship allowed me to work with individuals in various offices while gaining experience from different industry groups and business units,” said Eric.  “Because CAST is exponentially growing and constantly evolving, I was working on a new task every day and was able to pick a path that I enjoyed.  I’m now following my passion by working with Chris Moore, Partner (AUDIT/LV) on our investment pricing desk and doing appraisal evaluation testing for residential and commercial properties.”

In a similar story, David Dominguez Martinez, a staff in CAST who also started out as a CAST intern from IUSB in December 2015 shared “What I really enjoyed about the CAST internship was that it was flexible.  I could increase or decrease my hours depending on my workload.  Also, being able to experience two busy seasons at Crowe helped me tremendously during school.  I felt very comfortable in the higher level courses and brought that practical knowledge that I learned at Crowe into the classroom.”  David’s passion is in the FSRV industry and specifically in blockchain technology.  He recently graduated and became a full-time CAST hire in January 2018!

This month, the 21 interns below recently joined CAST through our “Crowe on Campus” programs at The Ohio State University and Andrews University.  Please welcome them to our Audit Practice!